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Do others have pain throughout their bodies not just legs?

The pain is like the pins and needles with burning sensation but more intense, like instead of needles it's like a knife poking you.

  1. Yes, many people experience pain in different parts of their bodies They can start in any number of ways from pins and needs to burning and outright pain from the start. I suggest you speak with your doctor to see if you can work with him about getting the right medications to help you. The more you know the better you may feel. This article may help you learn more about pain. Best of luck to you. Cathy, moderator

    1. Thank you. I will read the article/link.

  2. Yes, I have traveling pain that at times, takes my breath away. I don't even have to have spasms for it to ache

    1. I do get sharp, stabbing pains under my tongue and on the left side of my face (especially if I overheat). My neurologist told me that if it becomes chronic, he can prescribe anti-seizure medication....yikes.

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