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Has anyone had to part with breakables?

I'm wondering if this is a relatively common thing? This past summer I started thinning out some of my collectibles. I was asked "Why??" by a couple people that know I'm a collector. The only explanation I could give was... before I end up breaking them. (Due to unsteadiness, hand-eye coordination, etc.)

  1. I've certainly made adjustments because of those problem. Drinking in a stainless steel or plastic cup (even requesting a plastic or otherwise disposable cup when I am out sometimes because it's lighter and easier to hold). My big hobby is LEGO ( and I can tell you I have had all sorts of problems with breaking apart things I've constructed. Not as bad financially, but extremely frustrating. I also collect action figures, and have accidentally damages some of those, I press on those with both of those hobbies because they are a passion. I try to be as mindful and careful as can be, but accidents still happen. While I try to exercise more care and caution, I also try to let myself off the hook when an accident happens. People make mistakes and have accidents even when they don't have our condition, at least we have a good excuse. I think if you have a passion for something, there are ways to stick with it.

    1. Devin, I'm sorry but I hit the wrong reply thingy. There IS a reply to your post, just in the wrong spot!

  2. Yes! Had to go to a pod coffee maker after almost dropping my entire pot of coffee! A little more expensive but worth it. I also had to give up on my ceramic mugs too heavy, finally after trying plastic mugs which were lighter but got really stained after only a week, I found stainless steel mugs which are double walled to keep coffee hot loner and clean really well.

    1. Oops! Sorry I posted the wrong reply michclaud! That one was obviously supposed to be in response to Devin.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my question! I really appreciate it. That's interesting about the coffee maker and that you should mention the ceramic mugs! A ceramic mug (complete with a cover/coaster!) was given to me for Christmas. I ended up re-gifting it.( An accident waiting to happen!)
      Thank you again and have a wonderful new year!

  3. Thank you for your input Devin!
    I also read your link about the legos. That's interesting because I accidentally found that coloring on huge sheets of paper is for me, a way to be "creative," if you will. True I've never been artistic and my people are mostly stick figures, but they ARE cute! Just don't ask me to color inside the lines...then there might be trouble! Lol!

    1. Hi Janus,
      I work as a potter/painter,so I make a lot of breakables...and I occasionally do break them.In fact,I am the only one who has ever broken any of my work at an art show or

      1. You and I should go shopping together lol! For Christmas I was given a small battery operated string of lights complete with little bells. Yes, lights AND noise! Ha,ha! I think taking a clay class is an awesome idea. I've never done anything like that before!

      2. Try it! I think it helps with dexterity and it really is fun. 😀

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