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Has anyone heard about the “plant paradox” diet, that claims to cure MS? (Along with many other diseases).

Any information on this eating plan that eliminates lectins is greatly appreciated.

  1. Not sure that anything is a 'cure' for 'MS' - remember that every person's case of 'MS' is unique. Having done a bit of research on it, the whole 'lectin' thing makes me scratch my head. It sounds a lot like the MS diet I follow (the BBD - Best Bet Diet) which suits my system down to the ground. Here's a bit on the Plant Paradox diet and I recommend that you take a look at the BBD too - I hope this inspires you to take a thorough look at what works for YOUR body and what alternatives there are. Kelly Clarkson looks great but she isn't you and YOUR system deals with more than hers does and YOUR body is unique and needs YOU to hear it when it speaks to you about its dietary needs. I feel sure that you will find the right food path for YOU. 😀 Rachaelmt

    1. HI !

      This diet, popularized by Kelly Clarkson, does have some positive points, but it's definitely not a "cure all". As always, we suggest discussing any changes you may make to your diet with your physician. Some of our members have found various diets to be helpful, but not a full on cure. Healthier eating in general is a good idea, but any diet that promises to "cure" a person is probably too good to be true.

      I found an opinion piece on the Plant Paradox that really explains the potential pros and cons of the program quite well. By linking to this piece, I am in no way promoting or endorsing the site on which it is posted --

      You can find specifics about the diet, including eating plans, by searching online for the Plant Paradox.

      Should you choose to pursue this diet plan, again, don't hesitate to discuss this with your physician.

      Thanks for reaching out and I hope this information is helpful for you!

      Best, Erin, Team Member.

      1. Erin, thank you! You’ve given me more information on the diet that I needed. I appreciate your reference, and help. Regards, you answered my current question. ❤️

        1. Here is the best article I've ever read on special "MS diets" (and it has the best graphic EVER...). The truth is that despite their many claims, not one of them is proven to cure/heal/overcome MS, and any benefits gained most likely arise from just being healthier by avoiding processed foods and making sure you eat lots of vegies and fruit. And that applies whether you have MS or not.

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