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Please help interpret this written MRI summary.

Hello, I received the following written MRI summary and my follow-up appointment with a neuro isn't for a month. Could someone please help interpret what was written? Thank you.

Multiple bilateral foci of increased T2 and FLAIR signal are present in the deep white matter near the convexity. These are predominantly in the frontal and parietal lobes but there are a few scattered lesions apparent in the more inferior frontal lobes and also occipital and right temporal lobe. This pattern is not specific for but is at least suggestive of demyelination related to multiple sclerosis, Lyme disease or other conditions. Correlation with CSF studies may be a useful next step.. No evidence of intracranial mass.

Normal bony marrow signal intact. Visualized paranasal sinuses and mastoid air cells are well aerated.

Nonspecific foci of increased FLAIR and T2 signal in bilateral deep white matter structures of the brain. This is concerning for possibility of demyelination of multiple sclerosis correlation with CSF studies may be helpful here. Neurologic consultation may also be helpful in further guiding the evaluation of this patient..

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