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Please; ideas, help support?


Over ten years ago I woke up from a nap, put my foot on the floor, tried to get up and feel flat on my face. Couldn't move a whole side of my body, was diagnosed with MS at the hospital after a week.

I luckily I "healed." I have a close family member who has MS and doesn't medicate. I was on medication for a couple years, but the medication made me feel worse than normal so after hurricane Sandy I stopped taking it. I felt fine but didn't realize the day by day decline.

I've been experimenting with changing diet and limiting the intake of sugar, alcohol, etc and my senses are sharper. No kidding.

With my senses sharper I can see the mess I've been in. By this I mean Im going to throw this rug out, I just didn't see it looks dull. I spent the last two days doing spring cleaning and trying to clean up the damage.

By damage I mean the storm last week appears to have caused my house to shift and Im trying to stop anything further from happening while I wait for the insurance company.

The improvement in my senses and clearer thinking came after a long depression over a failed relationship. Hey who else would have dated me in the position I was in. My your sensory acuity is low you aren't aware your mirror has spots on it.

I just came out of a sensory and brain fog. Well Im starting to, not there yet.

I don't have a lot of funds at this time. It's been a difficult year for many of us and this hurts my pride, the same one that woke up in that hospital bed fought to get back to work.

I just need someone to talk to. Has anyone else ever had an improvement in perception that lead to a surprise at how things are around them?

I'm proud and stubborn. I know this and Im just trying to right the ship before it crashes.

Major stressors right now are obviously being shocked at me not taking care of myself when I thought everything was ok and storm damage.

Sorry for not proof reading, im shaking

  1. fadingfog- Wow, I was impressed about your improved clearer thinking and improved senses. I have had MS for over 40 years and didn't realize it. And I sure didn't know that it was in my family. I might have been able to stop the progression if I had know. I was 60 when I was finally diagnosed. I don't think I have ever gotten over a lot of those feelings that I had when I was told that I had MS. Now, I can't even stand up by myself without holding on to something. I have many stairs to get downstairs. I am moving anyhow out-of-state and will have to move into a wheelchair access apartment. I wish I didn't feel so bad. I do pray a lot.

    1. @vvxjr9, my heart goes out to you. A move like that can be stressful, but it sounds like you are also gaining freedom with your move. Is the community you are moving to more accessible as well?
      As tempting as it is to look back and wish you'd done things differently, you can't let your mind wander too far along that path. It's easy to be critical of your past self, armed with the knowledge you didn't have then. As I said in my reply to @fadingfog, we are here for you when you need support. Let us know how the move goes. I will be thinking of you! - Lori (Team Member)

  2. I wish you luck and happiness where you are going. I'm not a doctor but my diet was hurting me. Very strict diet at home growing up and if I'm honest it wasn't my happy place. I used to get to escape to Grandmas and there it was have a coke, have some Mac and cheese. So I self sooth with junk food.

    This is going to sound crazy but I feel like I seeing results from it. It's called vibrational medicine and its sounds that stimulate the sensor motor area of your brain using entrainment. I know it sounds crazy but it's part of what I tried. Again, Im not a doctor. Also I did a really in-depth detox eating fruit and vegetables.

    1. @FadingFog, it must be both disturbing and exciting to emerge from this mental fog, but the important thing is that you did it. You are present and you are improving. That's the problem with depression. You often don't realize you are in it until you are out of it.
      Though MS-related sensory issues and cognitive fog might have contributed, what you are describing sounds very much like you are emerging from a prolonged state of depression. It is important to understand why you became depressed and address those issues so it doesn't happen again. Maybe you just needed time. You were hit with an MS diagnosis, Hurricane Sandy and relationship issues. That is an awful lot to contend with at once.
      Regardless, I am happy for you. No, I am thrilled for you!
      Please know we are here for you whenever you need support or a place to vent. Stay with us. Stay connected. Continue to eat healthy and take care of yourself.
      You are worth it and you deserve it!
      Best of all wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

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