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Possible MS symptoms

Hey all, I’m heading to my neurologist soon go be looked at. Just wanted some input as you whether or not you think this may be MS, as I suspect it may be.

I’m a 22 year old male. Back in October, and a few times after that, I had sensations of numbness in my face. They would last for about an hour or so and then go away. I haven’t had that in a while.

Back towards the end of March, I started having twitching in my left eye. The twitching was strong at first, but has since gotten better. However, I still have it. The vision in that eye seems worse now, and harder for me to focus on things with it. I’ve also noticed color differences between my eyes when I close one on occasion. Some colors look duller in one eye and brighter in the other.

Last week, I started experiencing twitching in my right arm and left leg. Now my calves and feet twitch constantly, and other parts of my body randomly twitch. I have weird sensations in my arms and legs, almost as if they will be weak when I move them or a sense of fullness. However, when I do move around, I don’t have any weakness. I was looked over yesterday by my general practitioner, who noted normal reflexes and no clinical weakness.

A few weeks ago, I had a feeling of numbness in my right foot, in its right side. I still feel as if I have less feeling there than I do on my other foot.

I’ve also had difficulty swallowing and a feeling as if something is in my throat. I also feel as if small pieces of food get stuck when I swallow.

I should note that I have multiple herniated discs on my spine. So I don’t know if that could be causing all of this.

Thanks in advance!

  1. I also should say I’ve had an increased need to urinate these last few days as well. Way more than I usually do.

    1. Hi !
      Thank you so much for sharing with us. Although we are unable to provide any medical advice, for your safety, your symptoms do sound like a lot that people with MS have. It sounds like you're moving in the right direction with seeing a neurologist! With your herniated discs, they could certainly (possibly) be compressing various nerves and whatnot to exhibit some similar symptoms of multiple sclerosis. We hope that you get some answers when you see the Neurologist! Please feel free to keep us updated on what they say!
      Best - Meagan, Team Member

      1. Thank you! I went to my neurologist yesterday, and she said she doesn’t think it’s anything serious. She said my discs can be chasing some symptoms, and anxiety the rest of them. She wants an MRI to see my discs and to see how my Chiari surgery is holding up. Overall, she’s not worried and told me to take a vacation and relax!

        1. Hi
          I’m a nurse as well as suffer with MS. Why is it someone as young as you has several herniated discs? The limb problems you are experiencing could very well be associated with that, but the face and eye issues you have listed are not so likely. The trigeminal nerve runs from your brain to around your eye, cheek and mouth on that side, and the optic nerve runs from back to front of brain to eyes, these are cranial nerves (CN) only in your brain (CN 3-5). Well, stress and tiredness can cause the twitching eye, but the numbness - mmm - not so likely. I experienced the twitching face, eye pain, blurred vision and pins and needles to right arm in my early 20’s. I went to my GP, said “I think I have MS”, he said “you haven’t got MS as your reflexes are good” and sent me away. Well, that was 15 years before a definite diagnosis. Are they going to give you an MRI of your head and spine? I think I would suggest they do ... please keep us posted!

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