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Pregnancy/Caring for children

I was diagnosed with MS over a year ago at the age of 26. All I've ever wanted is to have a baby but now I'm scared about pregnancy and being able to care for a child.
Does anyone have any advice or info?

  1. Hi Brooke,
    you must have so many conflicting thoughts and questions right now with so many things to consider,

    I thought that while you're waiting for responses from the community,
    this article by Calie Wyatt (a young mother herself) might interest you.

    If you haven't already done so, I would urge you to speak with your doctor and express your concerns and questions to him/her. You might find that having a "team" to walk alongside you through your decision making process, (and through your pregnancy should you decide) may be very beneficial.

    Also one from our editorial team:

    Thank you for reaching out here Brooke,
    xxxx's Janus

    1. Hello,

      My name is Aleksandra, im 27 years old.
      Im on Rebif since January 2020 and now im 5 weeks pregnant.
      My neuro told me that new studies showed that Rebif is okay during pregnacy but im skeptical about that (in first 3 months, but there are no informations about next six months)
      Does anybody have experience with this?
      I have to decide should i continue with therapy or dont?
      I had two relapses in 2019.

      1. Not pregnant, but wanting to have children.
        Have you spoken to your nuerologist/Dr?
        Yes, relapses after birth scare me too. Not being able to care for the baby afterwards is the scariest thought.
        I guess you just need to find a good support team and not be afraid to ask for help?

      2. Yes I did. I have been spoken to multiple neurologist, and gyn, but no one can guarantee that there is no risk, which is justified.
        No one can guarantee to women who are completely healthy that everything will be fine, especially with our cases.
        I can't wait to decide what I'm going to do, so I can enjoy in pregnacy 😀

    2. Hello! I'm 26 and was diagnosed with MS when I was 20. I'm married now and want to have kids in the worst way! I'm constantly tired though and afraid it will impact my ability to be a good parent. Does anyone have any suggestions?

      1. Hi all you ladies w/ MS thinking about kids-
        I am 54, diagnosed when I was 24.
        I've had 2 girls since then- the first in 2002, and then when it seemed I could handle this parenthood thing, the second in 2006.
        I remember relying on that stroller a lot when they were babies.
        I felt pretty good during pregnancy. Didn't have any immediate relapses after, but I know everyone's experience is different.
        I wasn't able so do everything with them, but who can?
        Missed some swim meets because I was on the couch with an exacerbation.
        I have to say I've relied on my husband a lot too.
        We are so glad to have our daughters!

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