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Is problems swallowing and breathing part of MS?

My throat feels like it is closing up and the front of my face is that numb tingling feeling.

  1. Hi Emcstone -
    Thank you for commenting. With any worsening symptoms, as it can be a serious reaction to a medication you've taken or just another part of MS, we like to encourage our members to speak with their physician or health team. Also, here is some information regarding numbness and tingling that you may find helpful; If your throat feels as though it's closing up, we do want you to contact your physician or go to your nearest emergency department.

    Best - Meagan, Team Member

    1. Yep. On it. Talking to the doctor. It's been there for a couple weeks. It may be one med but I am not sure it's the problem. Started it only a week ago. Thank you for the info.

  2. Hi Emcstone -

    In addition to everything Meagan mentioned some in the community have shared they've experience difficulty with swallowing. You can read more about it here:

    Thanks for the question and for being a part of our community!

    Kelly, Team Member

    1. Thank you! I will check out the link. 😁

  3. Hi Emcstone, I share your problem with the swallowing issue and numb tingling face. I thought I would reply to you because your the first person I've seen on here and other places with this issue. My Doctor says its probably a MS symptom with me. The good thing is it goes away at times, I have found when this happens if I relax and chew on the food a little longer and swallow it in small bits it goes down with no choking.!! Also if your into meditating that helps also if you can just relax and meditate a little while before you eat. I hope this helps you at least a little. it helps me greatly. 😀

    1. Thank you. I will try that. Does it disrupt you sleep?

  4. I have swallowing issues sometimes but I also have an almost constant need to clear my throat. Yet there is nothing to clear. Some days I end up doing it so much I lose my voice. When I asked my doctor about it I was told it is not caused by MS and wasn’t offered any other solutions.

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