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Recently diagnosed... what's it like living with MS?

Hi there, I’m 18 years of age, and I’ve recently been diagnosed with MS. I’m not going to lie, I don’t really know how to feel about it. Because I don’t know anyone else with MS, I can’t get a first-hand experience from anyone. So what is it like living with MS? And is it relatively okay to cope with?

Tia xox

  1. I can't tell you what it will be like for you exactly. Everyone has different constellation of symptoms and disease progression.

    You can look at the stories and experiences of others on this forum as a rough outline if that. It will help put your symptoms into perspective. At the end of the day continue living your life, do what you can and adapt as you need.

    Keep supportive people and good listeners around you too. The emotional consequence of a diagnosis such as our is not something to be ignored.

    Good luck in your journey, you have the ms community here whenever you need.

    1. Welcome to our community. As Fawsiya shared, everyone with MS has a different story to tell. I would recommend reading through the many stories posted on our website to get a feel of what has been shared. We also have a Facebook page and a Twitter account for daily stories being shared. Since you were just diagnosed with MS, reading through posts by our contributors will give you the greatest insights into how to handle questions you may have as they arise. For example: Summer and heat. Many people with MS do not tolerate heat well. If you find you don't, simple type in heat into our search bar next to "menu" on our home page, and all our articles related to heat will be there for you to explore. Anytime you need our assistance, just ask. Glad to have you with us. Donna

      1. Hello, Fawsiya lucky you for locating this site, I'm 2 months in from being diagnosed, the day I left my neurologist office I couldn't help but think it sounds somewhat of a BS disease, so I started researching it and it's a good thing I found this site because it explained everything much more clearly, as well as offering you insight once you begin reading through the days in life have people with multiple sclerosis.The thing is it can manifest itself so differently in people, for me it has been mostly my eyes, I have very poor night vision and my eyeglass prescription change twice in one year(201😎 and since I've been acquainted with this site the one thing that I find if that it really can offer a person peace of mind, because;so many times person begins to think maybe it's all in their head...the other thing this site provides for you is, understanding & that can be shared with your friends and family which can only make understanding your situation much better for you☺! Fawsiya, Welcome Aboard & Good Luck!

        1. Hello!!! I don’t know much either!!! I’m 16 and was just recently diagnosed too! You’re not alone 😀 You will learn more with time. I’ve read MS is different for everyone. I believe in you.

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