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Has anyone had the following symptoms?

Has anyone ever experienced severe neck pain/ache/muscle stiffness? Unexpected weight loss? I've also experienced for over a year nausea, dysphagia, severe headaches. Also my WBC & lymphocytes have maintained abnormal ranges, but I can’t find any answers for over a year and I’m getting to point of immobility and almost second guessing myself if all these symptoms are adding up to a potential diagnosis of MS.

I feel such pain and ache in my back and spine. If anyone could provide some insight or support I am grateful beyond measure!

  1. Hi , how terrible to go through so many terrible symptoms without a definitive diagnosis! I know that must be extremely frustrating for you. Have you let your doctor know about all of these symptoms you are experiencing? I thought I'd send you some basic information on the diagnostic process for MS — And here are some of the conditions physicians will rule out when attempting to diagnose MS — You might want to make sure your doctor is testing for all of these.
    I hope you can get some definitive answers and treatment options very soon! Thinking of you and please keep us posted on how you're doing!
    Best, Shelby, Team Member.

    1. Thank you so much Shelby! The list of symptoms goes on and on and it’s so frustrating because a lot of my family thinks medication is the reason for all my symptoms and it’s even more stressful to justifty and prove you are ill.

      To your other question, yes my doctor knows and I finally got my MRI results yesterday. I was told that they found abnormalities in my brain and I am seeing a neurologist hopefully next week. I expressed to them that i can’t continue to live each day like this. I feel like my whole body is just inflamed and it’s tender and brittle. The symptoms are just spreading and it’s scary. I’m remebering more and more symptoms over the past year and I had so many red flags but i doubted myself. As you can probably sympathize, the list of symptoms are so long it almost make sure you wonder if you are mentally causing it or you’re crazy. But i believe we as individuals and humans know our body the best and when you know something wrong then I have learned to go with that gut. It’s just so painful and exhausting to not be able to function as a normal 24 year old. I couldn’t take my college courses or get a job, it’s just been really difficult and so i really appreciate your support and comment it truly makes my heart feel so warm!

      1. Hi, newbie here. I'm 66, and breaks my heart to see a young person my daughter's age with this dx?!!!! Hope you get answers and relief soon.

        I had a severe concussion in 2008 w/ visual changes, got an MRI.
        Radiologist called it "white matter", more than typical, dx is extensive, dx of encephalomyelitis or MS. Said to do another in 8 weeks, my PCP never did.

        Many of your symptoms sound familiar to my fibromyalgia, which affects every system in the body. A severe flare of FM is awful. Mine went into remission, then my body went whacko 2 yrs later, thought fibro, finally got a dx of MS. So many mimic each other, so may take time for dx.....keep track of symptoms (I keep a journal) and MDs and tests. Hang in there.

    2. I don’t know if someone asked but yes i have had ear burning, ringing, and i experienced a long period where old blood was coming out of my ears. I kinda ignored it but my hearing is so sensitive now. I also have hair loss that was very alarming to me but when i ask i have been blown off cuz it could technically mean anything. But when i reviewed all my care summaries the other day, it’s iust so crazy that I’ve gone through this fight with my health and stress doesn’t help and my worries of not getting the right answers. From what my research has revealed is that abnormalities refer to lesions, is that what other people’s MRI results were?

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