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Seems to be MS?

Hello all and thank you for taking your time out. I will try to explain my symptoms(what I can remember)best I can. As my remembering the right words is failing. I really don't know when this started. I will estimate around 2013. I started having seizures in 2013. Gran Mals and a few others. They sent me for MRI and they didn't find anything. The Neurologist suggested to go see a stomach doctor. Which meant it might be a bacteria. I thought it was all happening due to hormone fluctuations and stress(I had just lost my dad and I was there while he passed). Over the past two years everything has gotten worse. My face started going numb almost everyday. Then, last year my face and arm started going numb. Doctors told me that's part of the seizure disorder(I joked with the doctor and asked when has a seizure ever had order). Over the past few months it has been hard to get any ordinary task done. My memory has completely slipped. I can't remember simple math. Nor, what was just said right after I heard it. My coordination with eating is slipping. I will miss my mouth like I'm just learning to eat. I've noticed that I can have a better grip on long handles. It's also getting hard to wipe after I use the bathroom. Last year I also fell for no reason. Now, I am having crazy pain. Like my whole body is being crushed by a block of cement. About twice a week I'm having freezing spells. Where my whole body locks up and I can't move. My last Gran Mal was at the end of August of this year. Right now as I type my the inside of my muscles are achy. I'm taking 1000mg tylenol and I took a THC gummy(10mg and legal in the state). That still doesn't even take away the pain. Just helps me manages. My spine feels like it's being crushed. Lately, it's been hard for me to walk to the store without tripping and almost falling over nothing. Also, it's hard for me to eat or drink. Just this morning I tried to drink water to maybe loosen up my joints and I started choking. I've been afraid to eat or drink for over a few months now. I get tired after doing just one task(playing with my kid, washing half the dishes, or doing a load of laundry). It feels like I had been doing errands all day, but it had only been two hours. My body is getting stiff. I can barely walk sometimes. I literally am shuffling at a small fast pace like a little old granny. With my fist clenched on some days. Before I start this process of getting all this checked out. I was wondering if it sounded like MS. I am 36 years old. Married for 15 years. A mother of 2.

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