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Shooting intermittent Pain on hand

I get throbbing pain on the hand below fingers and above wrist which comes often.
I've seen doctors and had x-rays, mri's, checked for arthritis and none see issues.
I've tried cbd and even had steroids nothing works.
Any one get pain like this and have anything that works for them?

  1. Mawd,

    I was ironically just looking into this and came on here and saw your post!

    I don't know if your pain is the same but I get a shooting pain in my left hand/fingers that goes up my arm, and sometimes goes all the way down to my foot. Makes my knee and elbow on my left side hurt so bad. It's sometimes accompanied by tingling in my palm/tips of fingers or feet. I've also noticed that it gets really bad when I'm cold. So bad actually that my fingers get stiff and it's hard to move them(kind of like they're actually frozen), which is obviously hard to do anything with that hand.

    Thank goodness I am a righty! 😄

    1. Ugh! I am sorry that both of you deal with this kind of pain, @Mawd and @EEryn! Unfortunately, various painful sensations, including (but not limited to) stabbing, burning, throbbing, and aching seem to be par for the course when it comes to MS. Stabbing or shooting pains in the extremities (hands, arms, legs, feet, etc) can happen quite frequently. Also, some of the symptoms you described could possibly be Raynaud's symptom, which is a not uncommon symptom for people with MS. You can read more about it here -- I hope both of you get some relief from the pain, and if your pain sounds like Raynaud's, I hope some of the tips shared in the linked article (check out the many member comments at the end of the article for more tips and insight) help! Best, Erin, Team member.

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