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How do you deal with time?

I have gone through the “let’s rule these things out” process with my PCP. I am now on thyroid meds and using a CPAP, but my symptoms persist. I have had imaging test done, but nothing found to explain the pain (no MRI yet).

So I received the, “It sounds like Fibromyalgia.” I don’t have the tender spots that I believe are associated with Fibromyalgia. I took it upon myself to explore further. I made an appointment with a neurologist.

I have anxiety over waiting two and a half months, for a 40-minute appt, to be brushed off. I cannot stop thinking about, “Will he listen, will he actually listen to all I am saying?”

How do I get my mind to quiet down and trust in the process?

  1. Trusting in the process is a tall order unless you have a foundation of trust already. When you're talking about finding trust, most people either have their foundation established through faith or based on prior experience. Faith-based trust focuses on their higher power restoring order to their lives and keeping them on track. Since you cannot control anyone but yourself, nor can you control any circumstances but those within your personal ability to handle, then you focus on just those. May I suggest that you try establishing a plan based on what you can control. When your brain starts taking you down the road to what you can't control, you force it to refocus. Consciously, re-write your self-talk and create a story that tells you that you've got this. Then, plan activities to keep you focused until the time frame is over. If you do all that, then you'll build your confidence as you move forward and you'll naturally build more trust as well.

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