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Spasticity in arms

Hi! I am currently in a relapse and the spasticity is killing me! I have in in both my legs and arms. I have never had it in my arms before. How do I handle it? I am taking baclofen and it is helping some, but my biceps hurt so bad.
Any advice?

  1. Have you tried epsom salts? You can either add a half cup to the bath (or more, but a friend thinks she "overdosed" herself by putting way too much in the bath) or you can make a paste and rub it on the area of pain.

    Pickle juice seems to help too, but I realize some people can't stand pickles.

    Maybe this is terrible advice. I just felt bad because I saw no one had replied yet.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing. We appreciate you chiming in. ~Doreen (Team Member)

  2. ,
    Spasticity can be so painful.
    There are a variety of treatment options available including medications and physical therapy.
    This article goes into greater detail on spasticity and treatment:
    Sending positive thoughts for some much-needed relief,
    Doreen (Team Member)

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