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Does anyone have spinal lesions but no brain lesions?

Hey everyone, I got diagnosed with transverse myelitis back in 2017, but they were suspicious it might be MS based on my symptoms years prior stating when I was 19. I had two lesions on my spinal cord when I did my first MRI back in 2017. Now I have another lesion on my spinal cord - I just did the annual MRI last week.

So now they want me to do a spinal tap (I really don't want to). Do you have to do a spinal tap? Also they might want to start me on medications, I am so sensitive to medications and I have a lot of allergic reactions so I don’t know if I wanna go that route... does anyone on here have an MS diagnosis with spinal lesions but no brain lesions? I am 35 btw. Thanks for any feedback!!

  1. While you're waiting on a response to you question, it might be helpful to have more information on how MS is diagnosed. There are some cases where there are no lesions on the brain; just the spinal cord and when that happens a tap often helps confirm the diagnosis. and then here's another way to look at it.

    1. Thanks Donna! I have lesions on my spinal cord: C5, T5, T10 and T11. Thanks for sharing the articles.

    1. always 😀

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  2. I’m the lucky winner of both! 😉

    1. Hello, I have had both the MRI was first and then spinal tap it was actually my second time having spinal tap one year ago I did a genetic testing for Alzheimer's since my mom had the disease Alzheimer's was ruled out, but; I was starting to have problems with Mobility. It was because of getting older menopause Etc. So on February 5th 2019 I had two testing done and went in for the total results of the MRI and spinal tap which told me that I had MS possibly had it for pretty long time, I will tell you for me it really didn't hurt you feel a slight pinch that's only when they numb you after that you're fine you really don't feel anything you have up to an hour after to relax and then when they discharge you you'll get the information basically letting you know to take it easy and not to take a bath for 24 hours but it's not as scary as it sounds.Ms. S.I wish you well☺!

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