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Starting first meds

Hi, I was diagnosed with MS October 2020. I had a relapse in Aug 2020, followed by another (Optic neuritis) in January 2021. My Neurologist prescribed me Teriflunomide which I started today. Has anyone been on or still on this? Has it helped? Side effects? I’m feeling a bit apprehensive about what’s next. I know the meds will help but it’s also scary...

  1. Hello! My MS was diagnosed almost 34 years ago whenever I was 16 years old. In my first 10 months of being diagnosed I had optic neuritis in both eyes and lost the use of both hands for a few. Your MS will exacerbate less as you take the medication your Dr prescribed.

    1. Thank you! I sure hope so

  2. Hi, @cillaridge! I don't blame you one bit for feeling apprehensive! I think that's pretty normal, especially considering some of the potential side effects that come with some types of medications used to treat MS symptoms! I hope you get more feedback from other community members see your post and chime in with their experiences with Teriflunomide. And I hope you experience minimal (or NO) side effects! Best, Erin, Team Member.

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