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Suspect MS, here are my symptoms

Hello everyone.

For a couple of years now, I have stomach problems, which were dismissed by obgyn, nephrologist, as well as gastric and colon tests.
Finally, MRI has been done to exclude cancer, and they could not find anything and kind of let me go.

So, I have the next symptoms now. Bowel issues, pain in the right lower stomach, urges with urination, tingling area on my upper left back close to the spine, sometimes pain or uncomfort behind my right eyeball.
Depression, mood swings, and relative (I managed to get a PhD recently) decline in intelligence (which may be connected or not).

Apart from that, I feel/hear sound in my neck which is not a crack, but like a sand flow down my spine and head swings when I lay down
All those things ocuur and disappear from time to time and seamed quite benign before I saw a video of a MS patient.

After all those doctors dismissed my stomach pain, I kind of gave up and ignored all my symptoms. Tingling, sound in the neck and eyeball thing are present for some years.

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