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Anyone else have these symptoms?

I've had dizzy spells, sometimes sharp pains and then going black, speech can be slurred, hard time talking in complete sentences and getting words out... I'm a talkative person but it's embarrassing when I can't get my points across. I am having warm sensations up and down back and side and one foot feels cold. I've been more clumsy than usual. I have broken 4 cups in two days.

  1. Hi , I can say that over my time with MS, I've experienced all of those things. Cognitive and communication issues can be especially embarrassing but are fairly common among those with MS. Dizzy spells can be dangerous and you should definitely mention that to your doctor (as well as the other symptoms).

    1. thanks for your response...I have bad brain fog too. Going to schedule an appointment soon. I was supposed to have a MRI done a year ago but it's expensive and afraid to waste $$ and it's nothing. Well, nothing would be good but costly. Do you ever get warm sensations up and down back/side?

      1. I had contracted lyme disease in 2003, diagnosed with chronic lyme and went through 5 years of every type of antibiotics to no avail and my symptoms are much more MS than lyme,neuropathy in legs,dizziness, brain fog,can't sleep,labored breathing, heat and cold intolerance, slurred speech, etcetera, my neurologist doesn't think I have MS but hasn't tested for it. Does anyone know of a neurologist that specializes in MS in Northern New Jersey, please drop a name for me for I'm at the end of my rope. Your cooperation is deeply appreciated.

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