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My boyfriend's mother has MS and now he's worried that he has it too. He's not the type to blow things out of proportion or jump to conclusions, but he's been having micro muscle spasms on the left side of his body for a few months now, and also stabbing pains in his fingertips and toe tips. Could these be symptoms of MS?

  1. , I don't blame your boyfriend for being concerned that his symptoms may be MS, especially since he's had a front row seat to his mother's battle with the condition. First, I would tell him not to panic (I know that's not always easy). Second, there are a number of conditions that mimic MS symptoms (you can read about them here -- I would suggest he make an appointment with his regular physician and have a full conversation about the symptoms he is experiencing and his family medical history. The symptoms your boyfriend is experiencing *could be * a sign of MS, but they could also be linked to a number of other conditions and a good physician will run a battery of tests (and also make a referral for a specialist) to rule out those conditions. Here's some information about those tests --

    Whether your boyfriend is dealing with MS or something else entirely, please know we are here for you both and you can reach out anytime with questions.

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

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