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MS symptoms but no diagnosis... help!

My 61 year old mother started experiencing vision problems last week, double vision. A couple days later she lost function of her bladder and bowels. She is suffering from muscle spasms and extreme fatigue. She has had an MRI which showed bundles of white matter but not enough to diagnose MS. she has had no prior symptoms. She has had an MRI, cat scan, bone scan, Lyme disease test. Has anyone else experienced this or know of any viruses that can mimic MS? Doctors are at a loss and she has been hospitalized for six days with no answers.

  1. I am so very sorry your mother is suffering, Laurenv52! I hope her medical team is able to keep working to find out what is going on and get her on an effective treatment protocol. There are some conditions that mimic MS symptoms, some of which it seems the doctors have ruled out in your mother's case. Here is more information on those conditions -- Again, I hope you get some answers and your mom gets some treatment very, very soon. Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Has she had her B12 levels checked? A deficiency in B12 can mimic MS.

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