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Symptoms but undiagnosed

Hi everyone, looking for some advice on having symptoms but Being undiagnosed. Over a year ago I stated having weakness in my left leg. Since then I have started having some other symptoms. The weakness in my leg has got worse. I can’t walk more than 100 meters. I can’t lift up my leg or foot and I feel like I’m dragging it along. I also have numbness and pins and needles in my arms and hands of a night which stops
Me falling asleep and wakes me up in the night.
At the beginning of December last year I was diagnosed with Trigeminal neuralgia. I have been on gabapentin which has helped with the symptoms.
I have been referred to a neurologist and have my first appointment in a few weeks.
What I really would like help with is what to expect next.
What should I expect from these appointments and how long does it take to get a diagnosis?
Many thanks all x

  1. Hi . I wish you were not experiencing all these symptoms. It can be pretty unnerving when you don't know what is causing them. If the neurologist find lesions on your brain or spine, a diagnosis will come rather quickly. You doctor will likely confirm it with a lumbar puncture. If you have no lesions, your doctor will look for other potential causes and that might take some time. Here is an article about the diagnostic process for MS that might interest you: Hopefully, others will chime in here with more personal information. Know that we are here for you as you go through this process and please keep us posted if you are comfortable. I will be thinking of you. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. You are not alone. I have more than 20 MS symptoms. My neurologist was certain that I had MS and ordered Brain & Neck MRIs just to confirm the diagnosis. But neither show lesions. So now I am stuck in limbo with a diagnosis of "I Don't Know". She's performed tests for other causes but again everything points towards MS. I've been told it's just a waiting game to see if lesions eventually develop. But until then I just have to treat the 20 different symptoms as 20 different conditions and treat them individually, It's very frustrating and I don't know where to go from here. Best of luck in your search for a diagnosis!

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