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Symptoms, but where to go next?

Hi all,
I am new here. I discovered this site when I started doing research on this weird sensation I woke up with the other morning. It felt like a cold drop of water underneath my thumbnail. It was so cold I kept trying to wipe water off. The sensation would come and go, but lasted for about 5 days. The search led to an MS site, and as I was reading through the symptoms, it was describing me. Anyhow, I have numbness and tingling in my extremities, my hands and feet are always cold, I have lower and upper body weakness, there are days that my 9 yr old son can over power me when we are playing around, then there are other days I can pick him up with no effort. I slur my words, and stutter daily, lose balance, and run into walls and doors. I am very clumsy and break things often because they fall out of my hands, I see white or black spots, and sometimes my eyes are very blurry or my eyeballs just hurt. I have also been very forgetful the last few years. To the point where I have write things down, forget to turn burners or oven off, or turn them off when they are ready to be turned off. I cannot drive my car and have a conversation anymore it is to distracting and I lose it, and become really mad and start yelling. I have become so irritable and mad at everything that I have walked away from all my friends and family, or they have walked away from me. And to name the last major symptom, is the muscle twitching and spasms. I get them so bad in my legs that they jerk and it doesn't really hurt, its just really uncomfortable. I have headaches daily, but I think they are related to my TMD, but I also get severe tension headaches as well. I have so many more symptoms, but didn't want to write a book. I currently do not have insurance, so I do not know what to do at this point. All I know is that I am scared because I am a single mom and have no support. Thank you for any advice.

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