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Symptoms changing by the hour???

It seems for the past two of these weeks my symptoms are coming and going by the hour. And are worse at night. Numbness tingling face pain bladder walking. My Neuro did give me oral steroids but I haven't had much relief. I called today to ask for IV solumendrol but she is hesitant and stated In seeing her next week anyway. Anybody else that has symptoms changing throughout the day? Any tips on how to state what you need to your doctor?

  1. Hi freedom! I am sorry your symptoms are being so chaotic today! I know some of our members have shared that their symptoms can really ebb and flow depending on the day, the weather, their health/stress/energy, etc.

    Communicating with your doctor can always be a challenge. I thought you might appreciate this information on getting your doctor to listen to you --

    I hope your appointment next week is a productive and that you and your physician can find a treatment option that works well for you.

    Good luck, thank you for reaching out, and have a good weekend.

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

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