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Have your symptoms gone away completely? To never return?

And how do you get to this goal?

  1. Hi Aiacobo,
    while you wait for responses from the community, I thought I would tell you that personally, that's not happened. (But would be awesome if it did!)
    This article touches just somewhat in one of the paragraphs, (Being Better Equipped to Fight m.s.) about the author's experience.

    She does go through how making some changes to her life did help her. Hope you find it interesting.
    Great question by the way! Thank you for asking it.....Janus

    1. Hi ,
      When it comes to symptoms, sure, they can seem to disappear at times. For example, after an exacerbation, many seemingly return to a condition close to what they were before. As exacerbations and damaged myelin add up, that becomes a bit more difficult. Once that myelin (the insulated layer around the nerves that is attacked during an MS exacerbation) is damaged or destroyed, it can't be repaired. That's why there is an emphasis to avoid this damage by taking a disease modifying medication. Once the damage is done though, it's not necessarily the end of the world. A life with MS is a life of adapting, finding new ways do do things and learning your body. You'll find, over time, that if you avoid certain triggers (, you can really minimize the impact of your symptoms.

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