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Is it normal for symptoms to stay?

I was diagnosed 8 years ago. The reason for me even going to get checked (my symptoms at that time) on was left side of my body all numb and when I looked down I had the Lhermitte's sign happening and other things as well. But now 8 years later all of the ones I had then I still have except the Lhermitte's sign, and I have some more they all just seem to stay. So my question is, is this a normal path?

  1. , yes, it's normal for some symptoms to resolve and others to remain. Each time we have a relapse, there is always a risk that new symptoms will appear and remain, and old symptoms will worsen and remain that way. It's also possible that those new symptoms will disappear and that old symptoms will worsen then go back to baseline again. Our disease is unpredictable that way. Hope you have a treatment plan that's working for you. Best, Kim

    1. There’s no way to stop the spasms and pain?

      1. Hi, ! I replied to a similar question under your status update, but I will answer you here again to make sure you see it. While we cannot give medical advice, we do have information on the various treatments available for MS. Here is an article from our editorial team about managing symptoms: . Here is another article specifically about managing spasms. I hope this helps and that you find relief soon. Stay safe and well! – Lori,, Team Member

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