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Tests all came back normal, and I just don't know what to do next?

I have been having severe headaches for the past 2 years. This past year I have started to have speech problems, burning in my feet, and tingling in my feet and hands. It comes on for a couple months and then for a min or so it will stop and I will just have a headache. I’ve been to a neurologist and we have done all the blood work you can do, MRI of the brain, and a spinal tap. Which everything has come back normal. So I’m at a stand still on what to do. I’m going to get a second opinion because I have seen that some MS get be negative in the early stages. I just don’t know what to do!

  1. Hi . That must be overwhelming and frustrating. Has your neurologist done an MRI of your spine? Some people with MS have lesions only in the spine. There are so many other disease and disorders that mimic the symptoms of MS, so please don't focus only on MS. The best you can do is to keep advocating for yourself and keep trying. Getting a diagnosis with symptoms like yours might require open minds from other types of specialists. It can be an exhausting guessing game, but it will be worth it when you finally learn what is going on. Keep us posted if you are able. I hope you find answers and relief soon. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. I haven’t had one for the spine yet. I hope my new neurologist takes me serious and figure out what’s going on. It’s so tiring. I just want to know how to stop the symptoms

      1. After years of wondering what was wrong with me, I moved to Alberta, Canada. Even there, It took two years to get my doctor to believe me and he sent me to a young sports doctor with what he called muscle complaints. It took this new doctor's physio to realize it wasn't muscular, but neuro. Had an MRI on my brain and had one on my spine a week later. Diagnoses for MS are always difficult and frustrating. MS has so many symptoms that mimic so many others that too many doctors pass it off as something else and really don't help. Keep trying, once diagnosed a neuro will take over. At least in Canada, that is what it was for me. But never give up. Try a respected physiotherapist too. If your doctor doesn't head you in a direction that you can believe in, maybe time for another doctor. But don't give up. Keep trying.

        1. Mine showed up on both the MRIs. Kind of hard to dispute. Keep trying. We all have to advocate for ourselves sometimes. Do it!

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