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This week I traveled and now I’m tired and in pain

It may not relate to this weeks topic but I wanted to see how others recover. I went to the beach on a ladies trip. My MS medication doesn’t allow me to get into the sun. It cause skin cancer. And I turn purple anyway. Also, I was fortunate enough to have homework from a new graduate program to work on while the others were at the beac. It was very exhausting though. After tanning they’d all wants to eat dinner out, shop and have a coffee and dessert at 9/10 pm. It was only a short trip, but very exhausting. I must also admit, I was embarrassed by how often I had to go to the ladies room. It wa the first time I’ve gone on a trip with a group of people in ten years or so. I must admit that time to time I felt guilty not being able to participate and not having the energy to keep up with the others. Now I’m home and exhausted. It’s embarrassing really that I cannot be “normal” in a social setting, always looking for a bathroom and wetting to leave a place early. Then there’s the week of recovery after only three days away from home. MS is madding in this way. For once, I would just like to be normal.

  1. I have to build time in to get enough sleep. I went on a cruise recently and felt like I was perpetually tired. I got through it. I had a few days when I got home before I had to go to work to rest and recover.

    1. It is TOTALLY maddening, I feel you. Like you, it takes me a few days to recover from a trip like that. These days I choose who I do these types of things with very carefully, opting for people who understand my abilities and limitations, and I schedule in some down days after where I can just lay in bed and recharge. I do find scheduling in that extra rest and allowing myself to rest without guilt has been a game-changer for me and allows me to do still the things I really want to do. It just looks a little less spontaneous than it used to 😅

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