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Any tips to better manage symptoms?

  1. Yes, I cannot recommend using a disability lawyer enough! It is not nearly as expensive as people think and it's extremely helpful. Disability lawyers know how to fill out all the paperwork and know which words to use (language and phrasing can be very important in the legal system). Just filling out the paperwork correctly and completely can be challenging, let alone understanding the whole process. And if you need to go before a judge, which sometimes happens, it will be a massive help to have them there. It is a lot easier to get accepted on your first try if you have an expert helping you. My neurologist was the person who recommended I go this route and I'm very happy I did.

    1. Great question that I'm sure many of our members are curious about as well. Here is some information from our website regarding how to apply; I hope that you find this helpful!

      1. Along with light daily exercise, it has improved my balance, strength and energy.

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