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Tips to Reduce Fatigue and Create a Energy Management Plan

Fatigue had really been impacting my day-to-day activities so I began exploring options to conserve energy so that I could have better control of my day. Here's what I learned: I'd love to know how you deal with fatigue! Any tips?

  1. , I loved reading your blog post! You shared some great tips! I hope other community members chime in and share their tips for managing the dreaded MS fatigue. Thanks so much for sharing! Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Thank you! I learn so much from hearing about people's experiences and how they handle things!

      1. I read through it, but it made it sound like it's predictable? Not so for me, it comes on without warning. And besides that, most things I love doing, like going for a walk, I simply can not do anymore. I do know on hot days that it will be worse, that is predictable. But as for daily management, that does not work for me. I wish it could be planned around. But maybe that's just me? Clearly it is very debilitating. Will be interesting to see what others say;0)

        1. I think now knowing it can come without a particular reason, I try to get most important things done first. Be realistic on my expectations and try to stay cool as much as possible. Not sure I have a really good strategy, at least not yet. I am just grareful when I get things done, lol. Looking forward to hear more from others °☆

        2. I totally get that. Do you by chance journal at all? I have heard some community members mention that they journal their symptoms and flares to keep track and look for commonalities that could give them an idea of things that trigger for them. Even things like symptom felt, time, date, what was I doing, eating, drinking, how did I feel that day, temperature around me, was I busy or relaxing, where there any stressors around me, etc. Maybe that could help in starting to figure out a strategy? I'm not a journaler, at all, but I've started and forced myself to do it, and reading back on some things I'm like "wow, how was that not clear to me then?" It's definitely not for everyone and to be honest, I'm not even sure it's for me but it was worth a try. Do you journal ever ? 🧡 Warmly and thinking of you, Kayleigh, team

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