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To Contrast or Not to Contrast

Hi all – I’m in the waiting stage of trying to determine if I have MS. I’ve had quite a few symptoms that seem remarkably MS-like. I have an upcoming c-spine MRI (this Monday!) and my new neuro wants to only look at my spine since I had a brain MRI one year ago with no abnormalities. I’ve had contrast twice in the past 1.5 years for various things and I’m concerned about having contrast again based on my research of contrast retention, accumulation, and toxicity. When I shared my concern with the neuro she said “great question!” and then told me to follow up with the radiologists directly. I don’t want to hinder my chances at diagnosis if I refuse contrast but I also don’t think the risk of contrast is given enough attention and I want to consider long-term implications. Am I being foolish? Any thoughts on whether or not this may still be diagnosable without contrast and/or if I should just bite the bullet? Thanks for your time and thoughts.

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