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Tragedy triggers MS?

Sadly my neighbor was killed by gunshots last weekend. I try to not relive when I heard the gunfire. Now, My dogs are
shy going outside at first. I have been forcing myself to move in my yard. I don’t want to go outside, which I used to love. Last night while watching tv an actor got shot, my blood drained and I relived last Saturday. How long will this go on?
My legs seem weaker and I’m fearful of an exasperation. Any suggestions?
I did turn off my tv.

  1. How horrifying, . I am glad you are safe, though my heart aches for what you've been through. Have they caught the shooter? Do you live in a high-crime neighborhood? Is something like this likely to happen again? Stress of any kind can make MS symptoms worse and it is likely that the phycological stress of this incident is impacting you physically. As a former crime reporter, I saw some pretty horrible stuff, especially in the rural areas where I sometimes got to the crime scene first (I would hear the call on the scanner and I was sometimes closer than any police or first responders.). In my experience, it takes about three weeks for the immediacy of the trauma to subside to a less disruptive level. That might be different for you, but know that you will eventually feel calmer. You can't change what happened and you can't rush that period when you are processing it all, but you can do things to change the chemical reaction in your body that is making your symptoms worse. Even just a few minutes of meditation a day can help. Here is a video from our editorial team about guided meditation: You can also try meditation apps on your phone. If you are uncomfortable tuning out after what happened, wait until someone is with you to meditate. You don't even have to go fully into it. The important thing is just to slow your brain and your body down. You might also consider talking with a therapist, preferably someone who has experience with this kind of trauma. If you can't leave the house, there are plenty of therapists who offer counseling on the phone. It can help just to talk about it. Keep in mind that there are people who witness this kind of violence regularly and that most eventually find ways to cope. You can do that as well. My biggest concern for you though is whether you are safe in your neighborhood. I hope this is a one-time incident. Crime is rarely random so it is likely the shooter knew the victim and that they had a history. If the shooter has been caught and violence is uncommon where you live, you should be okay, but if violence is common or escalating, you might want to explore other housing options. Sending lots of love and hugs your way. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. hello, I keep writing but must be sending my reply wrong. So sorry if I repeat myself.
      I’ve used the meditation sight three times. I love it, thank you for sharing that information! My Doctor appointment went really well, Injections help a lot!! Next injection will be the end of June for my spine. Sounds yucky but it really helps. thank you for being here for me!! Happy Mother’s Day!

    2. I am so glad the injections and the meditation helped, . I find meditation helps in so many different situations. What a huge loss to both the victim's family and the community. I am sure the police are highly motivated to find the shooter. How senseless. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day as well. - Lori (Team Member)

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that. I will say that stress can have a massive impact on our symptoms and obviously you are dealing with a stressful situation. I definitely recommend talking to someone if you can. I also recommend doing what you can to find some distractions and joy, something to lessen that stress.

    1. Thank you Devin, I did purchase some flowers for my front porch. I’m always happy to see flowers. Yes my last exasperation came from my divorce. I watch my body’s reactions much closer now. Thank you!
      Plus I convinced my boyfriend to come visit from up north. 😉

    2. I actually enjoy flowers too (which I think surprises some folks) and regularly having some fresh flowers around is, to me, a nice and simple thing to do that brings a little bit of joy!

  3. I would think any extra stress could make symptoms to pop up. My emotions over the 30 years have amplified. On very strange things. Such as tearing up at the National Anthem at a sporting event. I something I've been a part of all my life and all of sudden it shows up. It was just a strange brain thing. I have made it a little 'game' to see what this MS can throw at me next. But I keep fighting and refuse to give up!

    1. hello, I wanted to share I have taken Nudexta for years. It started with me laughing during a funeral and then crying at a baptism. Plus reacting wrong for Many different situations. Nudexta really works well for me. Talk to your neurologist 🙂 thank you for sharing!

    2. Absolutely, any sort of stress can be a trigger (it is for me anyway). I understand the tearing up, I find I am wildly emotional at times I would not expect and definitely wouldn't have been in the past.

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