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Hi! I've had tremors for a few months. Started in my hands, but now it's also in my arms and legs. It's intention tremors, and the severity of them varies day by day and also depending on the movement I'm trying to make (some movement will cause intense tremors while others don't). I also have other symptoms like intense fatigue, I've had an episode where I couldn't feel one of my fingers anymore, stabbing pain that lasts for a short time and my hands and feet, eye floaters, nocturia, and more. I asked for MS to be investigated, but I've been told by 1 neurologist and 1 doctor that it's IMPOSSIBLE that it's MS because of the way my tremors present. I asked both of them for an MRI, neuro wouldn't even consider it and the doctor said she'll schedule one to ''humor me''. Still waiting on that. But are they right? Is it really impossible for my tremors to be due to MS?

  1. Hi . Not only is it not impossible, but even if the cause isn't MS, something strange is definitely going on that should be investigated. I am glad your doctor agree to order the MRI, but I hope that you find a new doctor once this is done. You need and deserve a doctor who treats you with compassion, not one who "humors" you. Keep us posted if you feel comfortable doing so. I will be thinking of you. - Lori (Team Member)

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