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Undiagnised for 11 yrs. now PPMS!

Im extemley angered @ All Salud Clinics! I had my first L. Sign in bed in 10-2,007! & my back & L. Leg was hurting, so went to Salud, Longmon’t clinic. They did nothing for me! Said it was all in my head & dismissed me! I had to get a cane to walk! No M.R.I.’s nothing!! I did see the x-ray the workman’s comp. Doc took! & knowing what i now know (almost being a doc. W/all the research i do daily!) i did have lesions in my spine!!! SO, RRMS in a relapse til about 2010, when i was denied S.S.I. by the ALJ in Denvet! So, i had to go back to work dizzy & i kinda remissioned, i did have some sick (m.s.) days & kept loosing jobs due to dizziness, shakiness, irritablity, & fatigue. Til about end of 2012 i just kept going downhill!!! I’d drp & brake glasses & pots! Even residents of assisted living center!😒

So, in 2013,2014 i think i drpped over $1,000 wrth of water glasses crates at my banq. Job, kept loosing or having to quit jobs til 2015!! I could no longer work at all! Finally, in Sept. 2017 i had my first brkthrough! I had a PA do another x-ray which led me down the path for a true diagnoses!!

Then M.R.I w/out contrast. & then fibally a N.P. neuro whom ordered th m.r.i. w/ contrast. Then she said definate M.S. &After seeing a bunch of people (docs) who did the range of motion test, they beleaf its Progressed!!

Now, i’ll go see my final M.D. Neuro. 5-4 & i’m nervous, cuz i need S.S.DI. for now cuz of income is sooo low ! & i have to move!!! I am very greatful for my caregiver as i’ve almost fallen many times! I hate this disease, we still dn’t get along! I’m trying to cope day by day bt it’s very hard too!! 🙀😒😳

This disease is a 😈👿👺

  1. Wow, Icanno14! I am sorry you have had such a tough road to diagnosis! I am so sorry you were not taken seriously by certain physicians and medical offices. That's so unfortunate and unnecessary.

    I am glad you have an appointment coming up soon and I do hope your qualify for SSDI.

    Unfortunately, I know many of our members can relate to your diagnosis issues and your financial problems. You may be interested in checking out this article on MSAA's (Multiple Sclerosis Association of America) financial resources for people living with MS --

    I hope your appointment goes well and you start receiving the benefits you need!

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Thank You so much Erin, appreciated your reply & help! Love this new family! 🌹🌷💐👍😍 dn't feel so alone now#!

      1. It took me TEN YEARS too. 2016 told i had PPMS after my first main symptom in 2006.

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