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Unsolicited Advice

"You should try bee therapy or acupuncture."

"You should just smile more."

"We're never given more than we can handle."

"You're really tired? I get that way too. You should try to sleep more."

Looking for others who understand that all advice is not good advice? We get it! We know that many people have the best intentions when it comes to handing out advice or anecdotes. Many just want to offer help, kindness, or just try to uplift those with MS.

Sometimes, these well-intentioned pieces of advice fall flat and become unhelpful or even hurtful.

What's been a piece of unsolicited advice about MS that you've received?

  1. You need to keep working as long as you can, until you need a wheel chair!!

    1. I'm from small town USA in SC. Everybody knows everybody. I'm somewhat a freak of nature around here. Hah! I got my official diagnosis in 7th grade, 1997. They said I wouldn't walk the stage to get my high school diploma. My neurologist and I made that goal #1.

    2. yea that was pretty harsh and that’s my biggest fear so I don’t think I want advice from that person

  2. It's good they caught it while you were so young! This is the most ignorant and insensitive thing anyone can say!! Just Stupid! Not just MS patients, but anyone with a chronic illness without a cure. I got very angry with a family member who said something along the lines of "you're lucky because you're young."
    MS is a progressive disease. They could find a cure tomorrow, and not reverse the damage that has already been done! I am not lucky. Some may think, I'd have forever to improve. No! I have had my whole life to get worse.

    1. Wow. That is an incredibly rude and ignorant thing to say, . I wish you didn't have to contend with that. Gentle hugs. - Lori (Team Member)

  3. I love the just smile more! In recent years, they proved resting bitch face is a real thing. I tell folks I'm not gonna fake a smile. It'll contribute to future wrinkles.

    1. Heheh ... I have resting murder face.

    2. and now I have resting murder face too! Flamin' brilliant, thanks for sharing!


    or ....

    My _________ has MS. S/he is still able to __________, often before we even get up! I think it really shows the power of positive thinking! S/he is an amazing _____________ and a real inspiration to me! You should meet them!


    1. Ugh! That would drive me out of my mind, ! People need to think before they speak. Sending the very best of wishes your way. - Lori (Team Member)

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