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Urinary Incontinence

I have bladder urgency and sometimes do not make it to the toilet in time. I work full time and teach classes for adults. This is very embarrassing when I have to make an excuse, practically run from the room and then return in different clothes. I take medication but it does not work very well anymore and I know that most of the drugs can cause “brain fog”. My brain is foggy enough already. Does anyone know of, or has anyone tried anything that works well? I feel that I am too young to be wearing adult diapers and MS makes me feel old in too many other parts of my body, I would love to be able to do something about this one if possible. Thanks.

  1. I am sorry. I have that problem as well as bowel problems. I take bladder control pills, anti-diarrheal pills, and gas relief pills. I think taking those pills is more of a psychological relief than an actual physical relief. I always make sure that if I am going to be around people any length of time that I will make sure that I put on my "Depends." I am a baby boomer. At what age is too young to be wearing adult diapers?

    1. I'm the wife of a man with MS but have suffered from bowel and urinary incontinence due to a traumatic injury during the birth of my daughter. My work involved travel and standing in front of people presenting. Here's how I coped: I don't eat or drink before going out to do my presentations except for a sip or 2 of water. I wear the heaviest Tena long pads. The underwear is too bulky for me. I wear only black pants and long tops/jackets that cover my bum. That way if I have an accident I have cover as I make my way to the restroom. I carry extra pads and wipes and an extra pair of undies in my purse. I also carry a tiny bottle of 'poo away' that I sprinkle on my undies to ensure nneutralizing of odor Most importantly I have a wicked sense of humor! I refused to give up my active life style and I often laugh to myself when I'm having an accident thinking "If 'they' ever knew that this smiling woman wiggling her way to the rest room is leaking ....!" There are more people than you may realize suffering from incontinence.

      1. Thank you for sharing your personal experience with this issue, womaninlove! And yes, you do have a great sense of humor! Thank you for sharing it with us. We're glad to have you here! Best, Erin, Team Member.

        1. Bahunt, I am a male. I can't tell if you are also male or are female. I too have "peepee" problems. I use a condom that is also designed to catch urine via a tube that flows into a retention bag strapped to my inner thigh. VERY user friendly. It would store maybe 2-3 ounces of urine. It would then be emptied in a restroom as time dictates. Medical supply shops will either stock this or order for you. The condom will probably leak since you are not working with an erection, therefore you will also need to use an adhesive to seal condom to shaft. Go into a local nursing home and discuss this with an employee ( preferably a nurse) who has the knowledge of this device. Best of luck and STAY HEALTHY

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