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Using Schedule A to find a Federal Job

I was curious if any one had any experience or suggestions about using the Schedule A selective placement program for applicants with disabilities to get a Federal job? I have MS and I have been applying for Federal jobs through USA Jobs website using the Schedule A selective placement program. I keep being found qualified, eligible, but I am not referred. And the few jobs that I have been referred, that I have self-disclosed that I am disabled often seems to end up hurting me -- I am asked about my disability during the interview. I realize the chance of getting a Federal job is really slim -- for example, the U.S. Department of Justice has 110,427 employees, but only 457 have targeted disabilities like MS, less than 0.41%. However, Federal jobs often pay so much better than the private sector, that I feel compelled to keep trying. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  1. dlidvm,
    I can't really help you out with your situation but I am also searching for jobs on USAJobs. I am a disabled veteran and also have MS. According to what I have read they give preferential treatment to those applicants. There was a category allowing for disabilities that weren't obvious. I'm sorry I can't recall the exact name of it but perhaps you can go back to the site and read it closely and pick it up. It's just under service connected disability of 10% or more.

    I don't know if that will help you or not. I haven't actually applied for anything yet but I intend to.

    1. Please, those sites are just for statistical purposes. They do not call you if you have a disability. You might as well give up, for the government jobs. The sites are a waste of time. I have been trying for over 2 years. I think we all need to get together and protest, to wake these people that have the authority up. It is ridiculous to try and get employment or help, we follow all the rules but it doesn't matter. I am going to build a website and focus on the many let downs for job service help from the government. Stay tuned..............

      1. Thank you for your post. I appreciate your feedback. I am trying to find anyone who has found a federal job using the Schedule A authority for people with disabilities. Do you know of anyone who has actually found a federal job using Schedule A? The hiring authority for disabled veterans? The published federal employment statistics are very low -- 0, .47%, 0.99%; I think the highest I saw was 3% and that was the EEOC. Some government agencies have NO employees with severe disabilities.

    2. Cheryl -- Thank you for your post. I appreciate the information. I was starting to suspect that something was wrong. I have been applying for federal jobs for a year. I have gotten some calls, even a few interviews but when they discover I am disabled I am not selected for the job. I would be very interested in your website.

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