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Vitamins in fatigue aid?

Has anyone tried taking different vitamins, to help resolve fatigue issues or other sumptoms?

  1. Hi ! I see you are new to the community. Welcome! While you are waiting for responses from others in the community, I wanted to share with you this article from Kim Dolce, one of our advocates, about whether certain supplements benefit people with MS. I hope this answers some of your questions. Feel free to contact me if you need help finding anything specific or navigating our resources. Best wishes! โ€“ Lori (Team Member)

    1. Thanks for the interesting article!

  2. Vitamins are usually used to make you get energy or boost your metabolism. I haven't used it for fatigue issues since I usually get week due to less vitamins which is why I have a couple of vitamin bottles in my room to boost my day.

    1. Hi! Im curious if you have a list of vitamins and what brand you use for fatigue. Im a 35m with two young kids and suffer from alot of fatigue... best Sean

    2. Hi . It might be helpful to ask your primary care doctor for bloodwork to check some of your levels. Most often, if vitamin deficiencies are the cause of fatigue, it's Vitamin D and/or Vitamin B-12. It would also be wise to get evaluated for anemia and for thyroid issues, both of which can cause fatigue. I hope you get some relief. Best wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

  3. I have been taking a fairly long list of vitamins and supplements for decades. I've had MS for 40 years. I don't know if I would feel any better or worse if I didn't take vitamins and supplements because I do get terrible bouts of fatigue, can barely get out of my own way, have zero energy and can get nothing done. Doctors or I should say "many" doctors are far from perfect. Example: In 2007 I got very sick, pain in my stomach, nausea. I called my "primary care" doctor, she prescribed something for pain and something for nausea. Skip ahead to, this was still going on for nearly four months. In that time I had done a lot of reading online, looked up various health problems. I started looking for an Endocrinologist. Looked at their education and reviews, settled on one, called for an appointment, was lucky to get an appointment within the week. Walked into his office, we talked for about 10 minutes and he said, "I believe I know what your problem is" and sent me for more bloodwork, a urine test and a bone density test of my forearm. After a few days he had received the results of all tests and he called me back to his office. Two days later I went for surgery to remove three parathyroid glands and a large tumor on my thyroid. I was totally amazed the next morning to find I felt GREAT! No nausea, no pain in my stomach, so different than how I had been feeling for nearly four months and had received no help from my PC doctor and the fact of the matter is, she didn't know, what she didn't know. The endocrinologist said my Vit. D levels were almost non-existent and Vit. A levels way too high. I learned a good lesson from that. Since then I take separate vitamins and supplements, I do not take a multivitamin, which usually has a very high Vit. A content and can be toxic and cause health problems which it did at one point with me.
    Each time I've had bloodwork for thyroid, my PC doc says it's normal, the majority of other levels good. I do take B-12 daily. Is it doing me any good? I don't know but, would I feel worse without it? I don't know and will continue with my daily regiment of 15 vitamins and supplements.
    I definitely would suggest to anyone who doesn't take vitamins and supplements to have a complete blood panel done to see if they are missing something they should have.

    1. , thanks for sharing this information for the original poster! I, too, am skeptical about the helpfulness of vitamins, but there a few I take and they do seem to help. I am sorry you had that experience with undiagnosed tumors! I am so glad you did your own research and kept seeking answers!

      Thanks again for sharing and for the good suggestions on the potential pitfalls of using supplements. Like you suggested, we always recommend checking with a trusted physician before starting any new supplements.

      Best, Erin, Team Member.

  4. I've found that B12 and D3 really help.

    1. I completely ADORE that you. Sometimes fall asleep in church.. me too and I love my church and am. Very involved. But sometimes hyou fall asleep no matter what!

    2. Well, it's horribly embarrassing to Bob up and down during service. With MS it's impossible to fight sleep! My Pastor has fought, and won, against cancer. So, thankfully he understands why I fall asleep ๐Ÿ˜ŠI have found that taking 15mg of Adderall keeps me awake & gives me "pep" to get things done. Thank you for writing me. Glad to hear that I'm not the only one. I'm 41 and normally I shouldn't fall pretty to slumber.

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