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Walk MS Fundraiser!

2013 will be my fourth year rasing funds for the National MS Society in the Denver Walk MS!

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in September 2009 and, even though I was in a wheel chair from the onset of the disease, one of the first things I did was lead a team in Denver Walk MS 2010. It was an amazing experience that helped me deal with the emotionally devastating diagnosis and physical disability brought on by the disease. The incredible outpour of support from friends, family and the community is always so great that it brings me to tears, even to this day. I know that multiple sclerosis is a degenerative disease that, without better treatment or a cure, will continue to worsen and progress. Regardless of this fact, Walk MS has given me hope and the friends that I’ve made along the way help me to remain optimistic in an otherwise discouraging situation.

  1. That's so wonderful that you are doing a walk for so many years, Wonderful! Being so optimistic and surrounded by loved ones is so important, and you are doing a great job with it.

    Thanks so much for sharing your marvelous story. It keeps us all hoping for a cure and it comforts us to know there are special people among us like you.

    Take good care,


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