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Is it safe to smoke weed for sleep?

  1. Hi JennaL,

    After my diagnosis I wanted to remain as open minded and holistic to all types of treatment. I believe there is a balance between western medicine and eastern and all that lies between. Getting enough sleep has been one of my struggles. For me using CBD and THC products have helped immensely. I use topical lotions for immediate relief and smoke an indica strain with a high CBD content to help relax not only my muscles but my mind too.

    I am currently on a DMT and have medications to help with some of the side effects of MS, but I would much rather smoke pot than take another pill. I hope this offers some help and you find what works for you.

    1. Hey Cate😉!
      Thanks for your message😉 I too smoke indica dominant strains at night for sleep
      I’m also on a DMT that hasn’t gone well at all. I had my first infusion in April, and have had chronic bladder infections since.
      Still on a mission finding what works in terms of DMT.
      As far as cannibas goes, works as a great nightcap and muscle relaxant. ☺️
      Take good care,

      1. Hi JennaL,
        I smoke marijuana as needed for sleep and discomfort. I smoke indica for sleep; I occasionally use a THC dominant CBD salve for body aches. It works pretty well and delivers about 40-60 minutes relief from pain. For night waking, MJ is my remedy and it is the only one that works for me. In case you’re worried about lung damage, I had some breathing difficulty a few years back. My pulmonologist had no problem with me smoking as I filter the MJ through water. And I aced all the breathing tests. Good luck! Do what feels right for You, helps You.

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