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What everyday tasks have become more difficult for you because of MS?

A popular topic of conversation around here often involves how MS impacts our ability to work, as well as the inevitable conversation about applying for disability. While MS can have a huge impact on our ability to work, let's dig a little deep and discuss which everyday activities have become more difficult for you. The small tasks that most people take for granted. Cooking, cleaning, etc.

One of my first articles ( here dealt with how difficult showering is for me and that is still a challenge for me today. Showering is a necessity but it takes a lot of energy out of me and also causes problems for me because of the change in temperatures. So for me, showering is something I think that people take for granted, it's a difficult task for me.

What about you? What common tasks do you now find more difficult because of MS? Feel free to add any tips you might have on dealing with the task too!

  1. Your article hit home
    Everyday responsibilities such as cleaning the house and doing laundry takes all of my energy
    What can I do to get some if my energy back? It’s really depressing 😒

    1. Thank you ! Fatigue and lack of energy are such huge issues for a majority of folks with MS. For some people, they can be alleviated somewhat, so talk to your neurologist about that. There are various medications that can help. Other than that, I try to plan my days out as best I can, knowing I may have limited energy.

  2. hi I was diagnosed 16yrs ago and I have taken many different medications for my daily fatigue in addition to modifying my routine. Not all of the medications have worked, and some have worked at different times. I have not taken anything in a while but just recently I was prescribed Adderall again for fatigue. This has given me insomnia in the past. Some changing the timing on when I take it but other medications have given me crazy zoomies kind of like crack and yet other medications have not worked at all. So I say good luck and try out what you can while also only doing things that need to get done and planning your day accordingly.

    1. Hi . I hope Adderall helps this time around without the insomnia. Thanks for chiming in. Best wishes. - Lori (Team Member)

  3. Everyday things, hmm! Timing, timing is huge. Prioritizing mostly. So cooking a large meal can be difficult and mentally exhausting. I am getting afraid of cutting while cooking. It causes anxiety. I am afraid of dropping a sharp knife or cutting a finger bad! Socializing, I used to be able to go to a party or dinner with 12 people and follow conversations and socialize. Now between the noise of music, several conversations meshing together, etc. I get several unpleasant feelings making me not do it anymore, anxiety, disconnection, overstimulation! Need I say more

    1. I totally understand that! When I cook, I pretty much always do the cooking in the morning, even if it's for dinner, because that's when I am at my most capable. Timing is so important!

  4. Hi All. What is most frustrating for me right now is not being able to clean my house like I used too prior my diagnosis. It was so easy going from one of the house to the other, now I struggle so much, that I push myself to the point I'm so tired and in need of an afternoon nap. Everyone says just do what you can do, take it easy, but cleaning and cooking is still part of life whether you have MS or not.

    1. , I hear you. While I'm not much of a cook, keeping a clean house is something that matters to me. It's hard to pace yourself when you're used to being able to clean the whole house in a day. Just keep doing the best you can and know it's ok to acknowledge the feelings of frustration that pop up when you get tired before your task is completed.

      Best, Erin, Team member.

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