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Can small white spots on brain be completely nothing? Hoping for a yes!

Hello! So my question is, is it possible to have just small lesions on the brain and it be MS? I've had all the symptoms coming and going for 6 or so years now. I'm 26 and it started with a seizure then several more over the years. I had an MRI recently but the neuro was looking for epilepsy and only focusing on the seizures, even though it's the crushing exhaustion, absolute inability to be in even slight heat, numb patches, bladder problems, etc, etc, that are what I actually wanted to solve.

Taking naps in the bathroom at work

The seizures are few and far between and I have learned to deal with them, but everything else seems to be getting worse. I'm struggling more and more with each passing month - like I need to take naps in the bathroom at work now I'm so tired and going up stairs is just the absolute worst. I feel so heavy it's like my legs won't actually make it! You wouldn't think any of this to look at me so I have been able to hide it well so far but I've started getting shaky hands and stuff and my friends have noticed I struggle with some mild cognitive stuff sometimes, recall of simple things or words and what not.

White spots on my brain

Neuro said I did have some white spots on my brain but it was commensurate with my age (spots are normal at 26?!), but I also realized he was looking for epilepsy specifically and didn't say anything about my other symptoms. I was so so relieved when he told me it all looked fine but I have a little niggling feeling that he hasn't considered MS or anything else at all, and I can't ignore how sh*%#y and exhausted I feel from the moment I wake up.

Trying to figure out what is going on

He ended the last appointment when I got the results saying, "So the seizures are possibly just from blood pressure, sometimes people have convulsions at the end of a fainting spell..." etc, etc, something to that effect. But again he didn't really address at all what bothers me every day... Really hoping someone will tell me a few small white spots on the brain likely indicates nothing? Or anything else really haha, I'm torn between convincing myself this is just a result of lack of sleep, not enough exercise, etc, etc, as I have been doing for the last few years, or actually really trying to figure out what is going on this time.

Any and all responses are greatly appreciated. Sorry if that was a barely coherent jumble I feel like I shouldn't even be posting on here but I couldn't find anywhere else to go and ask my silly question🙈

  1. We're glad you posted your situation here, , it isn't a silly question at all! While brain lesions aren't "nothing," especially in one so young, they can be a symptom of any number of causes besides multiple sclerosis.

    Your doc clearly wasn't interested in investigating it further, but you can pursue the issue by seeing neurologists until one of them wants to get to the bottom of it. My advice is to keep a symptom log and be prepared to discuss those symptoms, how long they last, their severity, and how badly they affect your daily quality of life.

    Also know that your symptoms can be treated without having a diagnosis. I hope you find some answers and relief very soon! --Kim, moderator

    1. Hey, you! How are you doing so far? I've got seizures as well and I learned to live with them, too... The difference is that my neurologist was and still is sensitive and empathetic... At the hospital I was told that "one lesion a year" should be "pretty normal" but when I had an appointment again she kind of freaked out about that sentence. The last words she told me were: "Don't you dare think you make the other symptoms up!!!" I hope that her advice helps you.

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