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Help finding winter shoes, boots, or sneakers?

Hi. I am an MS patient. Due to my not being able to work since 2017 and my social security income is so low, please, I need help with some winter shoes, boots or sneakers. Please, I need new ones. Thank you. Maria.

  1. Hi marie66mm,
    thank you for reaching out here today.
    I don't know if you live in a metro or rural area, but have you tried your local Salvation Army, Goodwill, or St Vincent de Paul?
    There are also "clothing closets" or clothing banks that work closely with their communities to provide warm winter clothing and boots. Not all may be exactly brand new, but you might be surprised at what you can find! Also various churches in your community may be able to help out.
    Senior centers may also be an option.

    In many states, dialing the 211 number may connect you with clothing banks or other needed services in your area.
    I hope any of these ideas might be able to help you out.
    Please keep us posted! Janus

    1. hi Marie. I see your need for winter items and am wondering what size you are? I have extras of those things around my home and would be happy to send to you if I have your size around.
      your MS friend Lisa

      1. Hi.

        Thank you for reaching out for me. My size is 6.5.

        Thank you.

      2. I am so sorry. we all have big feet in my family
        but I will ask my daughter because she may have from her daughter around. living in New England we all tend to have xtra boots n things around

    2. O.K

      Thank you.


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