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A woman wearing winter cloths with gray clouds behind her

Seasonal Life Hacks for MS

Living with multiple sclerosis (MS) can be tough because it brings challenges to our everyday life. It's like trying to do regular things when your body and mind are not always cooperating. That's where life hacks come in. Life hacks for those with MS are not just clever shortcuts – they are indispensable tools for navigating the complexities of daily routines, managing symptoms, and enhancing overall well-being.

Throughout 2024, we will put out seasonal life hacks shared by those in the community to help make life navigating MS a little bit smoother. To start, we’ll be focusing on winter life hacks.

A pair of legs in winter gear walking in the snow with ice melt on the floor

Winter life hacks

Here are some hacks for navigating life in the cold of winter:1,2

  • Wear layers so you can peel them on and off throughout the day. Going from inside to outside and back can be a shock to the system. MS can also sometimes cause our bodies to feel overheated even when it's cold outside, or vice versa. So it's good to keep a variety of layers handy.
  • Keep your circulation flowing by trying to move around, if you can. This can also help reduce muscle stiffness that can happen in cold temperatures. If you're unable to move around, you can try wrapping something warm like a fleece blanket around yourself. Some blankets even have sleeves to help add to that warm feeling.
  • Close the windows or draw curtains after the sun sets to help insulate your home from the cold. These little actions can help keep the home a little warmer and reduce the draft from outside.
  • Eat or drink things that are hot. This can warm up your hands and fingers and help keep the body feeling warmer.
  • Consider using a hot water bottle, electric blanket, or a heating pad. These may be especially useful if you're in a place where everyone else feels warm but you feel cold. Just be careful with these items, as skin may be sensitive to the touch with them, and MS can mess with our internal body temperature.

This or That

Do you find the winter to be harder or easier for your MS?

Those are just a few ideas, but we want to hear from you! Got winter hacks of your own? Share them in the comments below!

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