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Cooler Temperatures and MS Symptoms

Do you notice with cooler or cold temperatures, your MS symptoms seem to worsen? If so, how do they worsen?

Do you feel them more frequently, more intensely?

Are there symptoms you feel only in the colder weather that you don't notice in the warmer weather?

Share you experience below in the comments.

  1. Heat is intense to my nerves, my body shuts down, in winter I am in more pain

    1. same with me too. Live on a beautiful river that flows 24/7 it does not matter if it is -50 *F the rapids are still flowing. Been here in the base of The Huron Mountains since 1969 and i am 66 this year..My plan is to make my 100th birthday on June 26th

    2. SAME

  2. Anything outside the 70-80° range is painful 🙁

    1. Colder temperatures make my skin feel like it is burning. I have challenges with heat but nothing like managing through cooler temperatures. It is a physically painful experience.

      1. Lyrica was the only med that relieved pain. Unfortunately, it caused swelling due to an allergic reaction and I became suicidal on this medication. It's a shame due to lifting the physical pain, but the side effects didn't justify the benefits for me. I'm glad it has helped you. It seems to help most people.

      2. , I'm sorry the side effects from Lyrica kept you from being able to continue with the medication. I know it must be frustrating to finally find a medication that works, only to find it impossible to continue taking. I hope you and your doctor find something else that works well for you (with minimal side effects)!

        Best, Erin, Team Member.

    2. Cold causes so much pain!! My legs feel like there going too break off!

      1. thanks for being part of this conversation and sharing your support and encouragement.
        Alene, moderator

      2. it’s the same with me. I need heat to feel good. We moved to Florida in 2012. It was wonderful until Hurricane Ian. We lost Everything, had to move to Wisconsin. Good thing we had a mild winter but definitely not like Florida

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