Burning, tingling feeling “inside” my whole upper body

I have this burning, tingling feeling “inside” my whole upper body…stomach area on up, arms. Has anyone ever experienced this?

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  1. Profile photo of lcal lcal says:

    Hi Daisymom
    I have had tremendous amounts of intolerable nerve pain in all of my limbs , feet and hands
    About 18 years ago it was so bad I did not think I could live another day. After a lot of trial and error
    Of meds with a well known pain physician What works amazing is a lidocaine drip which is IV
    lidocaine It usually last about 3 months for pain relief with the exception of my feet burning.
    I hope you get relief plz before you reach the point of despair as I did years ago when my children were all small. It iIs nothing to mess with as it comes on and intensifies very quickly but also with treatment can leave just as fast
    Best of luck. I’ll be thinking of you so plz let me know how it’s goinf
    Lisa Cal

  2. Profile photo of daisymom daisymom author says:

    Thank you!

  3. Profile photo of DonnaFA DonnaFA moderator says:

    Hi daisymom! Thanks for being part of the community and sharing your question. What you’re describing sounds like it could be neuropathy. Members of the community will surely weigh in to share their personal experiences, but I wanted to share this comprehensive artcle from John Hopkins that talks about the various types and how they may present.

    I hope this helps! -Warmly, Donna (MultipleSclerosis.net team)

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