Prescription costs sky high! 🙁

I had worked very hard since graduating college, and had climbed high up the corporate ladder. I was 36, newly married and was and was looking forward to starting a family with my husband, and a long happy life thereafter. We both had successful careers and were relatively well off, and then it happened....those words from my neurologist...”You have MS”. For the first 12 years after my diagnosis, affording the disease modifying drugs was not a problem. In fact, the drug manufacturer provided coupons to help with my drug costs, and I was paying $180 a year for my Betaseron. Fast forward 24 years; I had to retire early on long term disability due to my MS and I now receive SSI payments. However, now my out-of-pocket costs for my prescription drugs exceeds $7,000 per year. Insurance is a joke, and no one will offer any financial assistance. Now that I’m older, I should be able to enjoy my retirement life, but financial worries are ever present. Something needs to be done to reform prescription drugs in the U.S. I’m tired of spending hours upon end with my insurance company, drug manufacturer and Medicare trying to get some relief, but I keep getting the same story....”I’m sorry”. I am frustrated beyond belief. This is just not fair how seniors are treated by insurance companies.

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