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  • By Editorial Team

    Share your favorite MS book, and other favorites MS resources you recommend.

  • By Lisa Emrich Moderator

    One of the books which I’ve found to be very helpful both when I was newly diagnosed and as I’ve become more experienced is:  Multiple Sclerosis: The Questions You Have – The Answers You Need by Rosalind Kalb.  The book is currently in its 5th edition.

    What’s your favorite MS book?

  • By mrspunchy

    The Multiple Sclerosis Manifesto [Paperback]
    Julie Stachowiak PhD


    Book Description
    Publication Date: December 22, 2009 | ISBN-10: 1932603441 | ISBN-13: 978-1932603446 | Edition: 1

    Winner of Foreword Reviews 2009 Book of the Year Award!Julie Stachowiak, PhD is the Guide to Multiple Sclerosis. As an epidemiologist who is also a person living with MS, Julie has an in-depth understanding about the scientific developments around MS and the personal side of living with a chronic illness. She has been called the best MS writer on the web. In the Multiple Sclerosis Manifesto Julie has given us a call to self-help, self-reliance, and political action. The book covers such diverse topics as:

    • How to create your personal mission statement
    • How to protect yourself by learning more about medications you are currently taking or considering to take
    • How to determine what you want in a doctor and how to evaluate the doctor you have
    • The importance of celebrating your successes
    • Tips to make disclosing your MS status to friends, family and others easier
    • Finding a support group
    • Learning to stand up for yourself
    • Joining the fight – Adding your voice to the movement

  • By Laura Kolaczkowski

    Those are both good books – thanks for suggesting them as primers for MS.

  • By Beckyk

    Book: My MSAdventures
    By Becky Kennedy
    Published January 14, 2013; Balboa Press
    ISBN: 978-1-4525-6641-2

    This book is a collection of some of my experiences in dealing with the problems of Multiple Sclerosis. Follow along with me as I show you what life is like with MS, attempting to keep a positive attitude through it all. Find out what it’s like being in a wheelchair, riding the handicap bus, spending time in rehab and especially how to laugh about it all.

  • By Rob

    Multiple sclerosis for dummies. Great for family members and great if you are like me and have adhd.

  • By jungy

    Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis by Professor George Jelinek.
    He is an Australian doctor with MS but symptom-free by following his program:
    Diet and Supplements
    Sunshine and Vitamin D
    Mindfulness and Meditation
    Preventing MS in next generation.
    A Bible for MSers!

  • By Kim Dolce Moderator

    Managing MS: Straight Talk from a Thirty-One-Year Survivor, by Debbie Petrina, first pub. Dec 2011.

    Petrina makes it clear from the start that she wrote the book to help others with MS, from newbies to old-timers, and she delivers just that in a direct, no-nonsense style that is not unlike a good team pep talk, using a combination of personal stories and acquired knowledge. Of particular note is her chapter called My Ten Commandments, a list worthy of a fridge magnet for constant inspiration and reminders.

    The Kindle version is available on Amazon for $2.99, the paper versions are more costly.