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Coordination Problems

  • By Editorial Team

    Share your experience with coordination problems. Get the conversation started.

  • By Melalexa

    I have extreme difficulty picking up and holding onto small items, such as pills, coins, screws, etc., as well as difficulty letting them go properly. That is, getting pills back in the bottle, sorting coins into containers. I can’t tell where my fingers are on a keyboard and very often can’t tap the right letter on my phone keyboard, even when I’m looking right at it. Turning pages and separating papers are difficult as well. Part of the issue is lack of sensation in tips of all fingers on my right hand – constantly. I also have severe carpal tunnel syndrome (entrapment of nerve to thumb, index, middle, and half of ring finger) in both hands, severe cubital tunnel syndrome (entrapment of nerve to ring and little fingers) on both sides, and entrapment of spinal nerve root C4/5 on the left and C8 on the right. I have previously had surgery on both hands for carpal tunnel. The weakness and clumsiness now feels different. Any thoughts on how to differentiate between MS, cervical spine issues, and wrist/elbow issues? I don’t want unnecessary surgery that won’t help if the problems aren’t properly differentiated. Thanks.