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Juggling potential caregiving with career change

  • By Saffie_in_America

    I am somewhat new to the MS care giving scene, with my wife recently having a major relapse with her MS as a result of her recent pregnancy. She is currently undergoing rehabilitation to build up her strength and mobility. I am hopeful she will make a recovery, but I am also acutely aware she may not get back 100%. Therefore between how well she recovers and future relapses,I am accepting the fact that I will need to take on more of a caregiver role. However I am also at a crossroads where I want to change my career after working 15 years in IT and burnt out and needing a change. I have the opportunity to complete a degree in Environmental Science and possibly change careers 2-3 years from now. This career change would have a drop in income too. So my question is should I stay with the current IT career instead of the Environmental Science one, because it will provide more income and the possibility to work remotely to help as a caregiver? I feel guilty about wanting to do this career change, when my focus should be 100% on my wife and our daughter. Any advise from caregivers in similar situations would be most helpful as I try to weigh up my options.