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General Discussion

MS coming out party!

  • By OH Rox

    Hi everyone! I am a “brand nee ms baby”! Although I have suffered with this for almost 20 years, I finally was able to get a diagnosis!!! Yeay me!!!
    I am so excited about finally knowing what is wrong with me that I have decided to throw an MS Coming Out Party, to get it over with haha!

    So I was thinking to ask my immediate family to research a point the would like to share during the party, and the entry fee to my friends is a question they have about MS… I am planning on cooking food that helps with symptoms (any suggestions?) and see if there is a local support group and see if someone would like to attend. I am also planning on getting some brochures so I can also share with people.

    I will have a bucket for donations, some 50-50 raffles and any money collected I will donate to MS Research.
    Any comments or suggestions? Plz inbox me? :))
    Thanks Gang!
    Rox aka MS Newbie

  • By Lori Kiker

    You can request brochures from NMSS. A good one is MS:Just the facts. Hope it goes well.